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What We Do

Our firm manages investments for retirees, families, business owners, and high net worth individuals. We implement financial plans and then provide ongoing financial advice in all areas.

Plan First, Then Invest

Our financial planning process is detail oriented and we take all factors into consideration. We begin by listening to our clients’ primary goals and then design investment plans to achieve those goals. Then we continue to diversify and re-balance client portfolios to maximize results.

"How" is just as important as "Why"

Communication and Service are priorities to our team. We aim to be as available as possible, as responsive as possible, and as transparent as possible. Our clients rely on us to sort through the massive amount of information available and relate the important points to their personal situation.

Investment Management

We are patient long term investors who believe both diversification and discipline can help achieve both asset growth and asset protection. We look for opportunity and value, while at the same time looking for ways to lower costs and increase tax efficiency.